범주 젊은 여성(18세 이상)
나이 나이 26
머리색 다갈색
머리길이 중간
눈색깔 밤색
150 cm - 59 in
몸무게 70 kg - 154 lbs
신체 사이즈 109-97-109 cm - 43-38-43 in
성적 선호도 I like people who know how to treat me well in bed without any limits
성기 모양 제모
신체 유형 통통
흥분된다 There is nothing more exciting than a man with big hands grabbing my neck, spitting on me and spanking my hot ass.
흥분되지 않는다 I don't like being rushed during sex
선호 체위 Missionary, doggy style, up and down and standing
인종 라티노
구어  프랑스어,  영어,  스페인어
환상 My sexual fantasy is to have a gangbang, participate in an orgy and have sex in public again, I would also like to practice BDSM, wear leather lingerie and have my big ass spanked

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I consider myself a nice, calm and somewhat enigmatic woman, I may seem tender but inside there is a wild woman with sexual hunger, one of the most exciting things is that they send me long vibrations, and see me moan and take off my clothes on cam2cam, I It fascinates to feel you close to me and that is the best way to achieve it.

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DanaCollins 의 프라이빗 쇼에 대한 최근 댓글

ShinArimaFd23 23. 2. 3. 오전 9:56
J'en veux encore 😏
DanaCollins 23. 2. 3. 오전 10:37
Te voir me rend très excitée 🥵, j'ai besoin de passer du temps avec toi et de pouvoir te gicler c'est la bite que j'aime
bigiejay 23. 1. 21. 오전 9:52
merci jai adorer
ArimaGhoulOff56 23. 1. 16. 오전 9:47
Disons que tu sais exciter un homme 😁
ArimaGhoulOff56 23. 1. 16. 오전 9:24
Merde j'ai pas vu qui me rester peu de crédits 😑😈
robardor 23. 1. 16. 오전 8:55
Un plaisir complet avec ton corps superbe BISOUS ROBERT
ArimaGhoulOff56 23. 1. 5. 오전 9:41
Tu es sublime 😏
DanaCollins 23. 1. 8. 오전 4:18
ma vie comme c'est délicieux tu te mords les lèvres, tu m'as donné envie de plus
Zepequeno2 23. 1. 2. 오전 7:45
Une femme magnifique avec un show au top
tonyrattoo 22. 12. 20. 오전 9:50
such sexy busty babe
DanaCollins 23. 1. 8. 오전 4:19
Quel délice ton lait dans ma bouche, je veux plus de toi
bjean8 22. 12. 14. 오전 4:05
DanaCollins 23. 1. 8. 오전 4:20
toujours un gentleman😍😘
chris180170 22. 12. 5. 오전 8:23
So pretty sexy lady ...👍🔥
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